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Ulysses Club Inc. New England Bushrangers

We are a social group of people who enjoy riding and social interaction with other fellow Ulyssians.

Why not join us.  

We meet at the Armidale Bowling Club,  Dumaresq Street Armidale on the first Wednesday of the Month at 7.30 PM

Some members meet prior to meetings for Dinner. All Welcome to join us. Even if you are only visiting our wonderful area you will be most welcome.

About Armidale

Armidale, with its unique blend of culture, state of the art technology, educational diversity and natural beauty is a city offering everything worth living for. Armidale is situated half way between Sydney and Brisbane and only two hours from the coast, it enjoys a warm summer, tones of amber during the autumn, a crisp winter and an exhilarating spring. 

Armidale Statistics 

Elevation: 980 metres 
Population: 25,000 
Industry: Education, IT and Agriculture

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